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West Coast Dipes - Nappy Wrap (one size)

The West Coast Dipes One Size Nappy Cover features beautiful one of a kind prints that reflect their amazing home state of California.

The WCD covers come in the signature prints, that are highly distinguishable, and the generous sizing makes them perfect not just for daytime nappy, but for night time too. My chunky baby is growing out of most of the average One size covers for night, and these still fit him well, and gives a great leakproof night solution for tummy sleepers too. Both front and back is elasticated, so nothing can escape this nappy :)!

The nappy covers can be wiped clean and reused after each diaper change as long as the diaper cover is not fully soiled.

WCD One Size Nappy Covers are designed to fit most children from birth through potty training, or approximately 8 pounds to 40 pounds. Each nappy cover also has top of the line features, such as:

Double gussets on the legs, with a waterproof exterior, to ensure that everything is kept inside the diaper with no leaks

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