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Worth ditching the disposable for a reusable?

Absolutely, and no we aren't referring to cloth nappies!

This has to be one of the best switches we've made in our own home.

Both of us use razors and trying to find something affordable but effective wasn’t always the easiest of tasks.

A single use disposable razor cost approximately £1.90 per go, if not buying the cheapest you can find, and cannot be recycled either. We'd get one maybe two goes out of each one before the blades were blunt, making each shave cost at best 95p. With both of us using them, this could easily be costing us £3-£4 per week. We also found that the cheapest ones unfortunately didn’t cut well or cut us too easily, so no savings to be made for us there.

So in another small bid to #makeadifference and when we relaunched the business on July 2023, we switched from single use to reusable. Trying out what we sell is one of our ethos’ so we purchased the set we stock:, Jungle Culture Safety Razor 2023 edition. It’s upfront cost initially set us back £24 however, these sets include 10 double sided blades. As each side of the blade can we used approximately 8 times, in this set we can get approximately 160 shaves and the blades can even be sharpened! Making each shave from this set cost just 15 pence!

There is also the added benefit that the blades being completely removable and made of metal means that there is no one time plastic use making it way to landfill!

With a range of colours, you’ll always know which one is yours!

These razors don’t come without some negatives though and in our honest reviews – we want to give you everything!

Now, I’ve experienced first hand just exactly how sharp these blades are… My first bit of advice to you is make sure that you’ve done the razor case up tight! I’d obviously not quite twisted it close properly and in a moment of lapse concentration, well it took some weeks to heal. This part is also a little fiddly, so make sure you have some space to do this too.

Secondly, please please please ensure that these are kept out of reach of little hands. My own children are nosey explorers in the bathroom world and will get their hands and noses into just about everything and everywhere. But putting them up high or away to dry in a wet bag is the best way to keep them safe but also rust free. With them being made of metal, they will get rusty if they are not properly maintained.

Finally, the final initial negative for us is they are also quite heavy for those first couple of uses, but it soon becomes ‘normal’. That initial weight means that it can be quite fiddly to get into the groove and create a perfect glide but you'll after a couple of goes, this does get much easier.

Will we continue to stock these in our store? Absolutely!

They’re a firm favourite, offer excellent value for money and a great environmentally friendly option.

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Jungle Culture - Reusable Safety Razor Unisex 2023 Edition | rascels

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