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Cloth A-Z

We have tried to collect all the acronyms and unfamiliar words that you may hear in the cloth nappy community to help you make sense of them :).

All grouped in alphabetical order to keep it easy to search:


AIO - All-in-one nappy, where the waterproof outer shell is sewn together with the absorbent insert(s), either fully on both ends, or on one side. This makes an easy to use cloth nappy, which resembles disposables the most. These nappies come in different sizes, and can be velcro or snap closing.

AI2 - All in two nappies, it is also called two parter nappy, where the insert and the cover is separate, but most often they can be snapped together to keep the insert(s) in place. Sometimes velcro is used to keep inserts in place, but it is more often used in the Eu. The all in 2 nappy covers (shells) are not lined, which makes them easy to keep clean, and can be reused 3-4x before they get soiled. Just wipe off moisture from the inside, and as long as the leg elastics are not wet, they can go back on the bum. Most often AI2 nappy covers are lined, so they are most often called Hybrids, but still belong to the AI2 category.

AWJ - Athletic Wicking Jersey, it is a lining material used in modern cloth nappies to keep babies bum dry, and to drive moisture away from the bum. It feels cool to the touch, even when wet. Used most often in swim nappies, but many brands opt for this lining now. It is the same material as you would see in sports clothing.


BTP - Birth to potty, it is a size definition used for nappies that are meant to fit from birth to potty, which usually covers the range: 6-16kg.


CCN - Clean Cloth Nappies, this term comes up mainly in cloth nappy groups, which relies on scientific data gathered by individuals, and formulated into complex recommendations, which also involve strip washing and sanitising methods. The CCN method is not advocated by us, as most often invalidate warranty on your reusable nappies/inserts. Please check the sewn in labels for care instructions, or look for advice on washing on the leaflets that come with your order.

CSP - Cloth Sanitary Pad/product. This term includes both handmade and manufactured reusable cloth sanitary pads. They can have either microfibre fleece backing, or PUL backing to keep it waterproof, and the absorbent core is made up of different absorbent layers, topped with fleece to make them comfortable and drive moisture away. They come in all sizes and shapes to suit the different needs throughout menstruation or post partum.


DOND - Deal or no deal, this is a term used in cloth nappy groups or social media platforms during a sale. Where you have to offer a price for the given item, and the seller can either accept it as deal or pass it on, no deal.

DISO - Desperately in search of - this comes up most in cloth nappy groups, and it refers to the posting person is desperately seeking for a particular nappy/type of a brand.


EC - Elimination communication. This is a method that is used to have a natural and baby led nappy free babyhood. The method involves easy to pull down EC nappies, or loosely fastened nappies, and following the babies needs and signs when it comes to wees or poos. This method brings early potty training, better understanding of the babies needs, and actively listening and looking for signs to help baby to use a potty to catch bodily fluid and solids.

ED - Everyday nappy, this term was introduced by Little Lovebum, which refers to the AIO - All in one nappy in their range, with absorbent sewn in insert (hemp and bamboo) which resembles a disposable nappy, and easy to use.

EUC - Excellent used condition - you will most likely meet with this word when shopping second-hand, it refers to the condition of the nappy/insert/wetbag/pod in question. 



GUC - Good Used condition - you will most likely meet with this word when shopping second-hand, it refers to the condition of the nappy/insert/wetbag/pod in question. 


HTF - Hard to find - It is a term used in cloth nappy groups, for some hard to find prints from a brand that is sought after due to rarity. Most often it is from past drops, or limited edition drops.


ISO - In search of - it comes up most in cloth nappy groups, and it refers to the posting person is seeking for a particular nappy/type of a brand.






LOSFM - Large one size fits most, this is the larger sizing of the one size fits most nappies. It usually refers to a bigger cut nappy, which does not necessarily will fit longer on the baby, but it is a bigger sizing either in the snap placement on the hip snaps, or longer hip tabs, or sometimes a larger cut in the nappy itself.


MCN - Modern Cloth Nappy (nappies). This refers to the new modern style cloth nappies widely available in shops now. Also refers to the brand MCN, which also stands for Modern Cloth nappies.


NAIO - Natural All in one. This term was introduced by Thirsties Inc., and refers to their all in one nappy with all natural hemp and cotton sewn in inserts. 

NB - Newborn, it is a sizing term used for newborn nappies, which usually starts from about 4kg, and lasts up to 8-10kg, but it differs depending the brand and the type.


OSFM - One size fits most. This term refers to the size of the nappy, which is used most often instead of Birth to potty (BTP). These nappies are usually birth to potty sized, but are not classed into birth to potty, as they normally fit a larger range of babies.

OTB - On the bum. It is a terminology used by enthusiastic cloth nappy users :), and it refers to having the nappy on the babies bum, either for their beauty, and/or to show them to the world via snapping a picture of it and posting it on social media platforms. 


PUL - polyurethane laminate, this is the outer waterproof material used in modern cloth nappies. This material is most widely used, as it can be made in any print, but involves sealing the polyurethane onto the original fabric. PUL is most often made from recycled or reclaimed plastic bottles, as it is based on plastic, or petroleum. Laminate means that this polyester is laminated onto a fabric (with a type of glue, or a solvent). PUL is really safe to use against the skin, or used in nappies or CSP. 


QD - Quick dry, it is a term that Little lovebum brought in, and it refers to its quick drying microfibre based all in one nappy. 


RTB - Right to buy - This term comes up mostly in cloth nappy groups, 


SIO - Snap in one, it is a widely used term in the Eu, which is basically an all-in-two nappy, where you can snap the insert into the waterproof cover.


TPU - Thermoplastic Polyurethane. 











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