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Washing up with a coconut... worth the swap?

FEBRUARY 13, 2024

Despite being a large family here at rascels HQ we unfortunately don’t have a dishwasher, so as you can imagine we go through a fair amount of washing-up bits!

Changing what we use for the dishes was one of our first ecoswaps in the house (second to stopping using single-use plastic food bags), which we definitely found to be a trial and error thing! Finding something that was as easy as that go to scourer felt like a bit of a mission. There is such a huge range of products out there but whether you’re a large family like us that washes up, or just need the occasional brush for your favourite teacup there is something for every household need.

One of my favourites that I’ve come across so far has been a loof scourer but I do love the absorbency of an eco friendly natural sponge.

Despite the cost being a bit higher than the everyday value item such as the cheap little white number you can buy from most supermarkets at a next to nothing cost eco scourers and scrubbers can last infinitely longer, making the initial pay-out higher but the longer term cost and benefit for the planet better - No micro plastics escaping down the drain, less smells, and so many are washable.

We, rascels, are committed to try and help keep our own personal plastic use to a minimum and we’re willing to try anything at least once – especially when it comes to a product we’re selling! So we’ve tried and tested the ecococonut scourer and given our honest opinions and experience.

Now these scourers were not the easiest things to integrate into the washing up routine.

Firstly, they're quite clunky and take some used to getting hold of. Due to their size, you won’t be using these for you standard glass tumbler! We also didn't like that the first couple of uses some of the fibres kept shedding however, after those first couple of uses that did stop.

The third negative for us is that these don't squeeze like you'd potentially expect a scourer to do either! So be prepared to have a wet foot / sock / slipper if you leave them in a mass of water and go on autopilot forgetting they don’t squeeze!

However, these are absolutely amazing at large areas and for getting stuck on food off! Baking trays, glass oven dishes these are absolutely ace at cleaning.

They make light work of plates and bowls due to their size and their natural viscosity means you don’t need to apply masses of pressure for those stubborn bits of food, but don’t panic – they definitely live up to their non-scratch promise!

After some months of using this at least three times a day to do large amounts of dishes, our coconut has now seen it’s day for the dishes. But we’re not done with it just yet…. They make great cleaning scourers too! So ours now lives in the bathroom and makes for easy work of cleaning the bathtub. We’re not sure when it’ll reach the end of it’s life but once we do this completely plastic free scourers will have two final destinations: the sustainable coconut bristles can be composted and the stainless steel wire recycled.

Overall - They definitely make a brilliant addition to the washing-up and cleaning tools, and we’ll definitely continue to recommend and stock these in our store.

Why not give one a try and use coconut10 for 10% off.

Given one a go already? We’d love to hear your reviews!

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