Celebrate our birthday - free postage for July

Welcome to our little independent shop

We took over, what was RainbowCloth, back in July 2023 and have had quite the journey already!

In November 2023 we changed the name to reflect the very changed market in the cloth nappy world.

Rascels stands for Reusable, Alternative, Sustainable: Cloth & Eco Living Solutions.

We may be a small store but we're hugely passionate about being here and delivering as much eco friendly living as possible. Our smallest steps are sometimes our biggest impact.

About the family!

We, Fran and Dave, are the faces behind the online store.

We are a busy household with five children ranging from 15 to 1! We have used cloth nappies and wipes to varying degrees of success with our two middle girls, and became embroiled in the cloth nappy craze of 2020 with baby number 4 and haven't looked back since.

We do our absolute best to be more eco conscious in our everyday and to teach our children the importance of trying to be more earth friendly; and keeping our landfills as empty as possible.

We've thoroughly enjoyed being part of this community and are so grateful for your orders and support.

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