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West Coast Dipes - All-In-One (BTP)

The West Coast Dipes All in One nappy features beautiful and one of a kind prints that reflect their amazing home state of California.

WCD One Size nappies are designed to fit most children from birth through potty training, or approximately 8 pounds to 40 pounds.

Double gussets on the legs to ensure that everything is kept inside the nappy with no leaks.
Two sewn-in SUPER absorbent organic hemp/cotton flap inserts, plus an absorbent bamboo cotton insert sewn in on the bottom. Holds 14-16 oz of liquid.
Rise snaps which assist in ensuring the perfect fit.
The nappy is magic itself, with the two sewn-in inserts and the sewn-in booster there is no need to boost this nappy, you will get hours out of it! No more boosting and fiddling with inserts, just pop on and go, with the easy to open snaps, the generous fit, I think all needs are met, and the prints are a bonus.

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