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Lanka Kade - Small Noah's Ark Rainbow Playset

This small rainbow Noah's ark playset is a fantastic addition to any children's toy collection. A bright, colourful Noah's ark, this set comes complete with 14 animals and Mr and Mrs Noah!

This traditional wooden toy is perfect for re-enacting the famous biblical scene and is a popular christening gift.

This small rainbow Noah's ark:

has removable roof panels, deck and ramp

has a bright blue boat body with red deck, ramp and yellow roof panels

is a chunky size - the characters are 15mm thick

is made from MDF

is provided with 2 zebras, elephants, tigers, crocodiles, giraffes and doves plus a lion, lioness, Mrs Noah and Mr Noah wooden figures

is supplied in an informative box (an easy shape to wrap if a gift!)

Dimensions: 215mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 174mm (D) assembled size

We recommend a play age of 1-7 years

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