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Jungle Culture - Stainless Steel Straw Set

Reusable Metal Straw set in either Deep Ocean or Living Coral Red colours.

Jungle straws deep ocean/living coral red edition metal straw sets are inspired by the colours of the sea and the waves. Our deep ocean straws are completely unique, the colour palette and dip-dye effect were designed by our in-house team to replicate the mood of the sea and remind people of the benefits of using sustainable straws!

The Jungle Straws' 'Deep Ocean Edition' and 'Living Coral Red' metal straw set is perfect for all types of drinks, whether you're sipping on your favourite detoxifying smoothie on a hot summers day, or simply using them for juices, water or alcoholic beverages like gin & tonic or a cocktail!

The perfect eco-friendly gift!

8 x Metal Drinking Straws (4 bent and 4 straight)
1 x Handmade Hessian Storage Bag
1 x Cleaning Brush

The Jungle Straws limited edition ocean straw set includes 8 dip-dyed straws in beautiful shades of blue and green with a white gradient. They are completely o

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