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Handmade by Em - Cloth Wipes (Pack of 5)

These beautiful handmade cloth wipes make for great addition to any home!

Serving such a multitude of purposes they can be used for hands, faces, bums or even cleaning toys as one of our little one so often likes to do!

5 x reusable wipes. Each wipe has a bamboo towelling back and a soft french terry front. The wipes are made from scraps left over from bigger projects so you will get an eclectic mix of patterns (you can not choose the fabrics) as part of Em's waste saving!

These wipes can be used dry, or can be wet with some water for more stubborn mess. They can then be washed in your normal clothes or nappy wash, line dried and reused saving the use of disposable wipes.

Regular wipes are approximately 15 cm x 15 cm but as these are handmade from available left over fabric, sizes may vary slightly to make the most out of the fabric.

Made from 95% cotton/5% elastane on the front and 90% bamboo/10% polyester on the back.

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