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Green Crayon - Packet Crayons

These beautiful themed crayons make great gifts amd stocking fillers and are available here in one of four designs; mermaid, pre-Historic, safari and space. 

In addition to their themed designs, Green Crayons are:

Sold in a pack of four crayons 
Vegan friendly 
Packaged in a brown paper packet and sealed with a sticker, these are 100% recyclable
Colours will be sent randomly with no duplicates (please note these may be different from those pictured)

Pair a pack up with a matching theme rubbing stencil for even more colouring and enjoyment! 


A little bit about the crayons

Green Crayons are made from our special blend of Soy wax, Caranuba wax, and Cocoa butter. To gain their colour they are coloured using non-toxic Earth pigments. because of this you will notice the colours on the paper are a little more muted than your traditional parafin wax crayon - don't worry though they still make a beautiful colour which your little one will love!

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