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Frog and Bear - Newborn Wraps

FAB Newborn wraps

These fit from 3-7kg (5-15lbs) but I would say they would fit slightly smaller than that too on the smallest rise so perfect for smaller babies.
Use with muslins, terries, pre-folds or over a small fitted.
Fully PUL lined so can be wiped clean in-between changes if the baby has only done a wee, making them really cost-effective.
Made with scraps/small pieces of PUL leftover from making all the other nappies massively reducing any waste - this means that some of the wraps may have plain coloured PUL tabs rather than patterned.
pul (100% polyester with polyurethane laminate)
elastic (30% polyester and 70% emulsion)
snaps (100% plastic)

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