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Evie Reusables - Rolled Preflats (rascels exclusive)

Available for immediate dispatch!

Beautiful handmade rolled preflat made by Evie Reusables in an exclusive to rascels design.

Available in two sizes - one size and XL

These super thirsty rolled preflats are Evie Reusables newest product and are absolutely one of a kind! Featuring rolled leg and back elastics to provide excellent containment alongside the easy slim fit of a regular preflat.

They are made up of one layer cotton jersey (95% cotton 5% spandex) and 2 layers of bamboo jersey (95% bamboo 5% lycra).

Onesize fits most, tried and tested on a babe up to 15kg although would probs fit bigger!

XL will fit bigger babes and has been tested up to 18.5kg 4 year old with plenty of room to spare!

They comprise of 3 layers of either thirsty 250gsm bamboo jersey or 250gsm organic cotton! The rolled leg and back elastics provide ultimate containment and also hug any inserts nicely should you want to boost them.
Wash at 40c to protect the prints vibrancy. Line dry or tumble low.

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