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Eco Vibe - Exfoliating Natural Heart Loofah

This exfoliating bath loofah is 100% plastic-free, being made entirely from loofah plant layers, meaning that it's also completely biodegradable and compostable when it's at the end of it's usability.

100% Biodegradable and Compostable
Made entirely from loofah plant layers
Deeply exfoliating to leave your skin refreshed and super soft
Multi-purpose - Can be used as a cleaning loofah too!
Product Description
Deeply exfoliate your skin with our heart shaped bath loofah. The fibres are packed together firmly for a thorough cleanse, helping you to refresh and unclog your pores for skin that's super soft and smooth to tough. Use alongside your favourite shower gel during bath or shower time.

Directions for use:
When the loofah arrives it will be hard, dry, and flat. Wet with warm water, and the loofah will puff out.
Lather up with your favourite body wash, and scrub over your body.

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