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Dr Zigs - Mini Bubble Kit

Take your Bubbles anywhere with the Dr Zigs Mini Kit!

We don't just make Giant Bubbles, but mini ones too! With this eco-friendly kit, use our bamboo and cotton mini wands to make loads of tiny bubbles, without any single-use plastics.

This travel-size kit is small enough to take anywhere, and is suitable for all ages 3+

What do you get?

100ml of our scented 5x concentrate Bubble Mix, scent chosen at random

Mini Bubble Wand, made from sustainably sourced bamboo and cotton

Instruction leaflet

Packaged in our flatpack boxes, fitting perfectly through your letterbox, so no more waiting around for deliveries!

All of our Bubbles are vegan and biodegradable in sunlight, with fully recyclable packaging, so this toy is great for the planet as well as you!

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