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Dr Zigs - Bubble Pollinator Kit

Bubbles to Pollinate flowers?!

With our new educational kit, learn all about the importance of pollination, how it works, and what you can do to help our natural pollinators.

With our kit you can collect and add pollen to our unique plant-based Bubble Mix, so children (and adults) can blow Bubbles that will actually pollinate flowers!

It’s a world first! Combining play with a huge innovation in pollination technique, and education about our environment.

This kit includes:

100ml Bottle of Pollinator Bubble Mix

Paint brush for collecting pollen from flowers

Bamboo cup to hold collected pollen

Bamboo straw for blowing Bubbles

Instruction and information booklet to learn all about Pollination

We are Eco Friendly!

Years of research has gone into developing this innovative toy - the Bubble Pollinator Kit is made of natural materials.

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