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Cotton Twist - Make Your Own Rocket Wand Kit

Perfect for three years & upwards, children can colour the star cut-outs with their chosen pattern, and then it's time to construct their wand.

Choose from three different sets, and then it's time to magic everyone with it! Perfect as gifts assembled by little ones to grandparents or aunties :), or just to magic everything with it around the house or outdoors.

Rocket wand: Once the pipe cleaners & lolly stick are taped on, the rocket sides can be stuck together, ready for the themed stickers. Whizz your rocket to the moon & back, then tell family & friends about your adventure.

Each finished wand measures around 18 x 10.5cm

Cotton Twist craft activities are often gifted as a party bag or stocking fillers and are perfect as wedding day activities.

In a bid to banish plastic tat from our homes, all Cotton Twist products are lovingly made by hand and all components are as good as we can possibly make them.

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