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Cotton Twist - Make Your Own Peg Dolls Kits

Perfect for three years & upwards, children will love to create their very own superhero. Gently push the pre-cut shapes out from the sheets, then choose the accessories you love the most.

Children can start by creating the pom-pom for the ballerina's skirt using the pom-pom maker & wool provided. The pom-pom can then be assembled onto the ballerina, together with some cardboard cutouts for her hair & top & she'll be ready to perform her first dance.

Cotton Twist craft activities are often gifted as a party bag or stocking fillers and are perfect as wedding day activities.

Choose from two different sets, a Superhero peg doll kit or a Ballerina peg doll kit.

In a bid to banish plastic tat from our homes, all Cotton Twist products are lovingly made by hand and all components are as good as we can possibly make them

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